Billing FAQ

1. If I receive a bill after the termination notice, does the new bill override the termination notice?

No, the termination process has already started. The only way to stop the termination is to make the payment or call the office to set up a payment plan.

2. Can I make a payment online during the termination period?

Yes, however, to ensure continuation of service, the payment must be received before the termination date on the termination notice.

3. If my water service has been terminated because of non-payment, what must I do to get my water turned back on?

You must come to our office at 555 7th Ave or call 304-696-5564 option 5 to make the payment. In addition to the delinquent balance, you will be responsible for paying a service charge of $25.00 for the disconnect and $25.00 for the reconnect. If your account does not have the required security deposit of $74, it will need to be paid as well. These fees may be paid when past due bill is paid or may be paid on the next bill. Failure to pay all fees will lead to disconnection of service.

4. Why must I pay the $25 disconnect and $25 reconnect fee?

West Virginia American Water charges the HSB $20 disconnect and $20 reconnect fee. Huntington Sanitary Board charges $10 for administration costs for the termination process.

5. Can my water quality and sanitary bills be combined to one bill?

If you are a homeowner, we will be glad to combine both bills onto one. Billing for impervious surface cannot be combined.

6. If I own multiple properties, can my water quality fee be separated into individual bills?

All Water Quality Fees must be combined under the account of the owner of record based on the County Assessor tax records.

7. When do I get my deposit back?

It depends on whether you are a homeowner or a renter. If you own, you have to make 12 consecutive months of on time payments without any late penalty. If you have a late penalty applied to your account, the 12 month calculation starts over. When your 12 consecutive months have been completed deposit will be applied to your account. If you rent, your deposit will be returned once you move out and your final bill has been paid.