Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is in charge of getting trash picked up?

The Huntington Sanitary Board is not in charge of trash pickup. The Sanitation Department for the City of Huntington is in charge that service and can be reached at (304) 696-4431.

2. Is there any way to get funding/grants/or assistance?

Unfortunately, Huntington Sanitary Board does not qualify for additional monies. The federal government will not give any assistance until our sewer rates are at a minimum of 2% of the median household income (MHI).

3. Is there any way to stop new construction from being done if the sewer line is too small to handle the additional flow?

If the current sewer line to too small to handle the added flow, the HSB will not issue a sewer tap. Thus preventing approval for construction loans.

4. Who do we call when there is storm water in the streets because a catch basin is blocked?

Call the Huntington Sanitary Board at 304-696-4437 to report the issue. Please have an address or the nearest intersection available. A field supervisor will inspect the problem and dispatch a crew for repairs.

5. What do I do as a homeowner when I have a sewer problem?

Call the Huntington Sanitary Board at 304-696-4437 to report your problem. A field supervisor will inspect the sewer that serves your home. You will receive a call from the Sanitary Board to inform you if the problem is a main sewer line or is in your house line.

6. What is my responsibility as a homeowner?

The Huntington Sanitary Board is responsible for the portion of the sewer from your property line to and including the main sewer. The homeowner is responsible for all inside plumbing and the outside line to the edge of your property.

7. How do I get in touch with the Huntington Sanitary Board to report my problem?

The Huntington Sanitary Board has a 24 hour 7 day response program. You will need to call (304) 696-4437 to report any problem. Your information will be relayed to a field supervisor who will return your call.

8. Can the Huntington Sanitary Board recommend a plumber if the problem is found to be on my property?

The Sanitary Board cannot recommend any single plumbing company to fix your problem.

9. I have a sewer easement that runs through my property. Can I us the section of my yard?

Certain items such as permanent structures should not be put on easements or right of ways. If repairs are necessary you will be responsible for removing the structure at your cost.

10. What does Huntington Sanitary Board do when there is a power outage?

The Huntington Sanitary Board Wastewater Treatment Plant is equipped with two separate power sources to ensure continuous operations.